President Message

Pt. Shri. Shankarprasadji Agnihotri (President)

I feel proud and happy to introduce AST and welcome you to this prestigious institution. AST is managing unprecedented growth through proliferation of variety knowledge as part of its overall education growth. It is creating the “Knowledge Village” & will elevate its presence as the global learning centre of excellence. AST is continuously playing a dominant role in the institution building process and has plans to move beyond it through E-school. It is creating a paradigm around which others shall be measured and has very specific plans to respond to changing educational need. The visible shift to create global entrepreneurship and resultant leadership will shift the dimension of learning.
   Selecting any technical institute is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions that one takes in one’s entire career. This move is the first step transforming yourself into a leader. The peer groups in class are brilliant students and bring with them a wealth of knowledge & experience. Interactions between peer groups will be an integral part of your learning process. The AST committed to groom leaders who will play a pivotal role in the emerging Engineering environment. The tremendous response from organizations nationwide is a testimony to its success. I welcome you to be a part of this exciting process.